Profession accelerating activity choices

film forumS

​​Join Interactive film forums including seminars with keynote​ speakers, workshops, talk ​panels and fruitful Industry networking, opportunities to understand the ultimate trend in movie making are numerous.

For the curious, jubilant events


​From world premieres, screenings to awards ceremonies from fierce competitions driven by international jurors, be part of the international cinema journey honoring  creative filmmakers advancing tourism.​

Preserving our magical heritage

in focus

Driven by its mission statement, attend unique events that have the power to raise awareness about vital social and environmental issues, inspiring audiences to take positive action for change. 

2021 Destination Partners

Amsterdam Film

Connecting professionals and offering expert guidance.


Able to connect exciting worlds together in one place

The Grand Amsterdam

Hospitality and rich ​history in the center of Amsterdam

KLM Airlines

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines brings the world to the Netherlands

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